Both digital and print are options. Either way your action shots will be look great up on your wall.

  • Our thoughts.

    Unlike many sports or school photo options we encourage our clients to order digital images.

    We do however, offer prints for those individuals who don't want the hassle or have the means to get their digital files printed.

  • Why we encourage you to go digital.

    • Digital images allow you to print or share your images via email, social media or other means.
    • Digital images can be printed many times and on many items and are great for Christmas gifts.
    • Digital images can be saved and reprinted if your originals are ever damaged.
  • Dangers of digital

    • Once a digital file is gone... it's gone. Always be sure to save your files AND back up your files in a safe place.
    • Hard drives can fail. Make sure to save your backups on a separate hard drive from the original or on the cloud.