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Private Tournament Training

Private Tournament Training

$35+tax for 1 person

$45 to include 2 people in the private class

If you are looking for a way to up your tournament game and maximize your success, there is nothing better than one-on-one training.  

30 minute sessions with the focus on just you and your game plan.  Work on forms, sparring or weapons sparring - whichever you want to improve the most.

Private classes are tailored for each student to focus on the skills they need to get the results they are looking for.

OR... if you want to train together with a partner book a DOUBLE PRIVATE for just an additional $10.  Instructors will work with both of you to give you that little 'extra' kick for your next competition.

Dates are scheduled to coordinate with tournament schedule.

Each Private Tournament Training session comes with a GIFT CERTIFICATE and envelope that makes it a perfect Christmas gift.

PLEASE NOTE: Booking this item will take you to a separate booking site.

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