This program is offered by Spirit of the Dragon Martial Arts.

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  • Be Ready For Anything.

    Three weeks of hands on, effective and easy to use self defence skills and tactics hosted by Spirit of the Dragon Martial Arts.
    This is not a 'work out' class (although you will be sweating) or a Martial Arts class.  It is not about earning a belt or winning a medal.  It is about learning skills that could save your life.

    Designed by women FOR women and taught by women.  These skills are specifically designed for women to effectively applied against a larger, stronger assailant.  Our head instructor for women's self defence has been training Martial Arts & self defence for over 30 years.  Ms.Delesoy has trained all over the world including numerous Canadian and US training centres as well as Australia, England and Israel.  She has competed for many years in both traditional Martial Arts and full contact Kickboxing competitions winning local, Provincial, National and world titles.  She now focuses on learning, teaching and passing on this knowledge to our community.

  • What will you be learning:

    • Using situational awareness to identify and avoid potential threats.
    • Utilizing body language and voice to de-escalate and deter dangerous assailants.
    • Stand up defences & strikes to maintain distance and control & provide a safe exit.
    • Stand up escapes from the most common and threatening holds and strikes.
    • Ground defence & escapes.
    • Striking hard with purpose with no hesitation and so many other life skills​
  • Details:

    • Wednesday January 17, 24, 31
    • Time: 7:30-8:45pm
    • Cost:$55+ tax for all sessions
    • Ages: 13+
    • Location: Spirit of the Dragon Martial Arts

    1210 Lorne Street, Regina

  • Please note: Booking this session will take you to a separate booking site


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